What Is The Best Air Mattress?

What Is The Best Air Mattress?

One of the more elusive things to purchase when it comes to sleeping on a mattress is air, or rather the air mattress. This is an interesting option for travelers that are not always comfortable with the hotel rooms, or perhaps those that want something soft when camping. Whatever the case is, you’re going to find that there are a number of routes that you can go within this spectrum. As such, consider a few things to look for when trying to find what the best air mattress is.


The first thing that you may want to look at is the higher spectrum solutions. These can cost you a bit more, but they are “self” inflating. You hit a button and they fill up with an automatic pump and that’s it. These can be amidst the best options you’ll find, as they can also be adjusted for firmness and more. While some of these may be tough to consider, they are definitely interesting. What is the best air mattress brand? Some of the brands that you may want to look into is Airtek, Serta, Intex, and REI branded solutions.

The Ratings

There are a lot of companies that rate these options, and amidst the many solutions that you are going to find. You’ll see four names come into the limelight most often. These include SoundAsleep, Insta-Bed, AeroBed, and Coleman. These all have different configurations, but what makes them top options is that they have different pump systems, heights, and durability. Each one is going to cost a variable price, and you may find that you could spend quite a bit to get this just right for your individual needs. Look at these as you start to drive down the options to just one.

When it’s all said and done, your best bet is to look at a variety of options, and go with what’s going to work for you and your situation. Whether you’re going camping in the wild or in your back yard, consider a few options before deciding on the “best” for you.