What Is A Latex Mattress?

What Is A Latex Mattress?

Lately all people talk about when mattresses come up is the latex mattress. It is the hottest product used right now, it is used as a topper, it replaces the interspersing mattresses, and it has been selling more and more each day. Why is this so?

There are a lot of reasons why people are buying latex mattresses these days. One of them is the green materials that mattress producers use to make the latex mattresses. The mattresses labeled as “green” are made from all natural materials, sustainable materials and they do not release any unnatural materials. So, what is a latex mattress?

Latex offers something that the other materials can’t and that is greater elasticity and buoyant characteristics. It does not het much firmer like cotton mattresses or saggy like wool mattresses.
Another reason why people choose latex is its hypo-allergenic, anti-dust and anti-bacterial qualities.
However, the most important reason why latex has become the number one mattress material is the comfortable sleeping surface that it offers. So if you have been having problems sleeping at night, try buying yourself a latex mattress because it unbelieving pain issues, and it offers unparalleled support and comfort as well.

But when you have decided to buy 100% latex mattress make sure that you know what you are buying. A mattress can be made of synthetic, natural or a mix of synthetic and natural latex and is still considered latex. This is important for you to keep in mind because if you are interested in the “green” properties of latex you should look for mattresses made of 100% organic latex. And even though natural latex and synthetic latex may look identical to scientists, they do not feel the same and they do not last the same as well.

If you want comfort and a mattress without any chemical materials then go for natural latex. But if you have made up your mind to finding a mattress made of pure natural latex you have to keep in mind the different manufacture processes with which latex can be made.

The first one is the Dunlop method. This method is old, traditional and it is used to make natural latex.

The second one is the Talalay method which is a newer method used to make synthetic latex.

There are a lot of advantages which can help you decide whether to buy a latex mattress.

Latex doesn’t absorb your body temperature so if you have trouble being warm when sleeping this is the right choice. It does not collect dust or any other microbial organisms because of his organic characteristics. Natural latex is highly durable; it resists body down and adjusts to the the curves of your body. Because of it elasticity you can easily roll from side to belly or back without worrying if you are going to disturb your partner.

It is hard to find a 100% latex mattress because of cost. Manufacturers do not produce so many natural latex mattresses because they are expensive and people do not buy them. That is why they prefer using synthetic or blended latex because it is cheaper. But if you are looking for good quality, without money being an issue than you should look for a 100% pure natural latex mattress.