Stearns And Foster Latex Mattress Review

stearns and foster latex mattress

Stearns and Foster is the number one bedding brand in America. They manufacture the most luxurious mattresses since more than a century ago. They are made in a dedicated luxury cell which is used to make their models only. Every piece of material that is used to build their mattresses is tested to make sure that is of top notch durability. Because they make their mattresses with the best materials, they ensure comfort and quality that is no match to other brands. The foam encased edge contains the best support ever, and each mattress has twice tempered, individually wrapped titanium alloy coils that provide the perfect balance.

Since the start, Stearns & Foster are committed to creating the perfect blend of comfort and support by the usage of the most innovative technologies. The titanium coils conform the curves of the body and provide with exceptional motion transfer. By committing their work to the newest and the most innovative technologies its no wonder that Stearns & Forster are the leading brand of luxurious bedding in America. Read this short stearns and foster latex mattress review to know more information about this brand and its products.

About stearns and foster latex mattresses

Stearns and foster latex mattress sets are all handmade. This is the reason why they are so expensive. However, the quality of the handmade mattresses makes them stand out. You will never experience anything more confortable then these mattresses.

The materials they use are of the highest quality such as silk, wool and Mongolian horsehair. The mattresses have different sizes and firmness, and you can be sure that they do not sag.
All of the materials that are used to make these mattresses are safe and natural, so there is no need to worry about the toxicity of the mattresses.

They do not have a long lifespan, they last about 5-6 years. The reason for this is the all-natural materials that are used to make the mattresses, there are no artificial items that help them preserve their shape.

The warranty of the mattresses is no longer that 25 years, but it is an adequate 15 years.
One of the best things about Stearns and Foster latex mattresses is that they look really good. They have really good bedding made of the fines materials that will look good in your bedroom.
No matter which model you choose these latex mattresses provide a great balance of support and comfort. This is due to the really good construction of the mattresses which provides great comfort and support for you back.

Stearns and Foster latex mattress has a proprietary special vent system that allows good circulation of the air, keeps these mattresses from heating up and makes for a cool sleeping experience.
These mattresses are great for couples that are light sleepers and move a lot during the night because they have a great motion transfer system. This is made possible with the individually wrapped coil system that minimizes the sleep disruption from motion transfer.

If you are a heavy weight person this may not be the best mattresses for you because they are prone to sagging. If you want to buy a mattress for a longer period of time that you should take this into consideration. But, if you are looking for comfort and an amazing sleep experience than this is the right mattress for you.

There are a lot of models with many different prices. But, buying a mattress from Stearns and Foster is not a total waste of that money at all. Just make sure that you consult with experts before choosing which mattress you are going to buy.