Simmons Latex Mattress Review

Simmons Latex Mattress

Simmons latex mattresses are considered to the most comfortable and the most durable mattresses in the United States. The technology used to make these mattresses has been advancing for over the last hundred years. The Simmons company main concern is to produce mattresses that will improve the quality of our sleeping hours. To make sure that they achieve this they are using the most advanced materials.

Simmons Company offers mattress experts who are here to help you make the decision of what kind of a mattress should you buy for yourself. They are constantly training to learn the characteristics of the mattresses and technologies used to make simmons latex mattress sets so they can help you choose the best mattress for. All you have do to is tell them what you are looking for and they will help you find the perfect mattress for your lifestyle as well for your budget.

If you have heard about the amazing qualities that latex has and have decided to buy a latex mattress that Simmons is the best choice for you. They have a whole line of mattresses called The Simmons Natural Care Organic Latex Mattresses which includes mattresses make of natural latex foam.

They are using the sap of the rubber tree to make the best sleeping surfaces in the world which will give you incredible comfort and support. Latex is highly durable which means that your mattress will keep its shape and performance for a long period.

Simmons latex mattresses are made from pure latex which has a soft feel, yet it eliminates the pressure points across human body. They are hypoallergenic and dust mite free which is a great quality if you do not want bacteria in your mattress.

The Simmons latex mattresses are built to last; they have an amazing 20 year limited warranty.
The Simons latex mattress sets come with a top panel fabric made from pure wood fiver and are somewhat sustainable.

The latex used for these mattresses is made by a blending from milk sap of a rubber tree. The rubber trees they use in the process come from protected tree plantations.

The base foam has some soy added as an environmentally source.

The foundation of the mattress is made of wood which comes from firms who participate in the Sustainable Forestry Initiative.

The Simmons Natural Care Organic Latex mattresses offer you three options.

The first one has a offers great comfort a support features such as sic inch based foam plus and inch of natural latex to support your body and for comfort they used naturally derived fabrics.

The benefits of this one are the pressure relieving property; it is hypoallergenic and highly durable.
The second mattress is made from latex produced by Dunlop method for great comfort and uses fiber fabric made from wood to increase that comfort.

The benefits are the same as the previous – pressure relief, hypoallergenic and highly durable.

The last one is made from sic inched layer from the most quality natural latex which provides with great support, it has incremental latex layers for additional support, 360 degrees of soy foam, and a smooth sleeping surface.

The benefits are the same as the previous – pressure relief, hypoallergenic and highly durable.