Serta Luxury Gel Memory Foam Mattress Features

Serta luxury gel memory foam mattresses

All Serta 12-inch gel memory foam mattress sets used Comfort Quit spring system – each spring is made of hardened wire and has undergone thermal treatment. Thanks to this mechanism, serta mattresses keep the shape for many years. In addition, each spring is labeled in a separate bag, inside of which air circulates freely. This ensures an optimal microclimate.

The spring blocks have an advanced technology of the Flexzone 4D Spring support system. It consists in the fact that the springs have different heights and are fixed in the middle part, and the lower and upper ones are in a free state. Different levels provide a soft touch effect, flexibility of the spring in any direction increases the orthopedic effect in each Serta luxury 12 gel memory foam mattress, improves human blood circulation.

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Other technologies:

– When assembling Serta mattresses, a unique world standards algorithm is used. It was called Comfort Last Construction.
– Serta is developed and patented Advanced Comfort Quilt system, which uses the technology of Cool Balance Fabric Technology.
The upper layer of such a mattress system has a micro-massage effect. Material with Cool Balance technology is a high density knitted fabric, which is achieved by adding fibers of holothec and cellulose fiber from the white-bearded pine. Such material is adjusted to the body temperature of the sleeper and provides a cool in summer, warm – in winter.
– There is a mattress strengthening support system, which is called Serta Total Edge. It strengthens the support of the block springs, prevents the slide from the mattress, and mattress does not deform at the edges.
– In the side parts of the mattresses is built a porous 3-D grid, which removes excess moisture and provides ventilation. The system is called the Serta Aero System.
– Serta Smart Clean System is a convenient system of removable plates on each Serta luxury 12 gel memory foam mattress surface. Thanks to it, the mattress can be easily cleaned from dust and dirt.


Serta luxury gel memory foam mattress sets are made from modern materials and fillers that provide not only the correct position of the body, but also comfort.

Orthopedic foam Serta Oxy Comfort

This material has an open structure that improves ventilation up to 95%. In combination with porous perforations, it forms a unique material, due to which an optimal circulation of air inside the mattress is created.


Porous material with carbon impregnation and micro-massage effect.

Latex material Serta Talalay

Each Serta memory foam mattress topper is made from microperforated latex, manufactured by special technology. Free air circulation is provided by the cells – it is 4 times more intense than in conventional latex. The material is heat-stable, silent, hypoallergenic.

Serta Memory Foam

A material that completely takes the shape of the body, reducing back pressure on the hips, shoulders. This helps to relax the muscles, the spine assumes a natural position when you’re resting on Serta gel memory foam mattress topper.

Eco Latex

Natural latex in serta 12-inch gel memory foam mattress, which has a high wear resistance, withstands high pressure, quickly restores the shape. It is used to improve the softness of mattresses and to ensure better air circulation. Latex layer in serta memory foam mattress topper prevents squeezing of vessels during rest, has supporting properties.

Serta Viscopur

Visco-elastic foam with a memory effect. At its core – microscopic springs, shrinking from heat and load. This creates a feeling of weightlessness. A normal circulation of air is provided by open cells.

Serta Contour Foam

Porous wavy material. Its wavy surface provides good ventilation of the inner layers, has a micro-massage effect.

White felt

Used as an insulating layer between the spring unit and soft filler. It is made of cotton raw materials, has a high density, gives mattresses additional rigidity and elasticity.

About Serta gel memory foam:

– Gel memory foam layers in Serta mattresses provide the best therapeutic effect and comfort for sleepers
– Thanks to the multi-level structure of the mattress, the sleep of a sleeping person improves and the number of turns during sleep decreases
– Excellent relief from pressure points on the gel mattresses that cause awakenings in the middle of a dream
– Provides proper spinal alignment
– Ensures correct alignment of the spine during sleep
– No more mattress flipping
– Full 20-year limited warranty

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