Top 5 Sealy Posturepedic Memory Foam Mattress Sets

Sealy posturepedic memory foam mattress

Why is Sealy posturepedic memory foam mattress so good?

Posturepedic – the first “smart” sealy memory foam mattress
Sealy Posturepedic memory foam mattress sets are a complete sleeping beds consisting of a Sealy spring mattress, which has a two-tier internal Posturepedic TitaniumDSx springs (736 coils) and a spring stabilizing base with a latex surface working as a shock absorber.
The most important component of the Pocturepedic mattress by Sealy is the unique self-adjusting spring system, patented as PostureTech, allowing Posturepedic mattresses to create progressive body support and adjust to the weight and movements of the sleeper.
The patented Sealy system of internal springs is designed to allow the spring coils to work more independently, properly distributing the weight to reduce the areas of concentration of weight and pressure. The operation of the inner springs reduces pressure on the lumbar region and the back of the legs.

Sealy 10-Inch Queen Cushion Firm Mattress #1. Sealy 10-Inch Queen Cushion Firm Mattress
Sale Price: $482.40
Customer Rating: 4.7
13 customer reviews…

Sealy, with more than 125 years of experience, conducts thorough mattress testing using the industry’s most stringent standards to ensure durability and absolute comfort. When making Sealy memory foam mattress toppers, this manufacturer uses special fibers that do not cause allergies, protect it from dust mites, do not contain fluorine-hydrogen compounds and formaldehyde, and can breathe.

Posturepedic © CoreSupport ™ Center. The main central support part of the Posturepedic mattresses by Sealy. A feature of this mattress is a powerful, strengthened support for the central third of each Sealy gel memory foam mattress. This is the area that has the greatest pressure during its using. Thanks to this option, your mattress will work 10 years later as well, as on the day you brought it home.

Sealy Cocoon Soft Foam King Mattress #3. Sealy Cocoon Soft Foam King Mattress
Sale Price: $849.00
Customer Rating: 4.1
18 customer reviews…

Single-stage titanium inner springs of the mattress Posturepedic Titanium SS ™ (736 coils). Titanium is lighter and stronger than steel. That’s why titanium is used in aircraft construction, as well as in the production of other high-tech equipment. These springs are more sensitive than conventional coils.
The springs are double hardened and retain up to 98% of their original height and support properties throughout the life of Sealy posturepedic memory foam system.
Titanium spring coils will extend the life of your mattress and provide it with excellent safety even under high loads, for example, when children jump.

Stabilizing base
Stabilizing basis of StayTight ™ Foundation. The spring unit works constantly, it supports not only the owner, but also the mattress itself. The spring unit amortizes (softens strokes), as well as the suspension in the car.
The latex surface of the stabilizing base prevents the mattress from shifting, and also facilitates the filling of bed linen, which is filled under the mattress and fixed there under the pressure of the mattress to the rubberized layer of the surface of the stabilizing base.

Sealy Cocoon Chill Firm Foam Queen Mattress #5. Sealy Cocoon Chill Firm Foam Queen Mattress
Sale Price: $849.00
Customer Rating: 4.0
39 customer reviews…

The SitRight ™ Edge System.
This solid-edge system forms a solid perimeter of the mattress and a connection with the bottom base. This edge design ensures stable support and uniform comfort on the entire surface of the mattress, a stable support edge along the entire perimeter, and also increases the useful surface area for sleep from 10 to 20% depending on the size. The one-piece construction increases elasticity, support and stability, so nothing disturbs your sleep.

Lift Right ™ Surround Handles. Volumetric handles of new design facilitate access to the mattress, including in the corners of mattress. The handles on the mattress serve for the correct and convenient placement of the mattress on a stabilizing base.