How To Fix Air Mattress?

How To Fix Air Mattress?

It is important to check how is soft or tight your air mattress is before going camping because an air mattress has to hold the pressure from your weight. If your air mattress is losing air, then it means that it must have a leak so you need to locate it and fix it. So, how to fix air mattress? Let’s take a step-by-step guide how to repair air mattress leaks quickly and easily.

Check the valve stem

When your mattress is losing air it is best if you first check the valve stem. If the stem leaks or won’t seal you have to fix it. If it won’t seal, you can try putting a line of with a piece of thin plastic around the plug. If you manage to fix the stem and the mattress is still losing air, then you are looking for a leak.

Quick practical methods for finding a leak

Despite getting the mattress wet there are some other ways to find the leak. You can inflate the mattress, apply maximum pressure to it and listen carefully around to hear air escaping anywhere.
Another way is to hand and pass it over the mattress. If your skins starts to feel cold at some point then you have found the leak.

Another method is by using thin sheet of regular plastic, toilet tissue etc. Slowly move the sheet over the mattress. Once it passes over a leak it should start wallowing due to escaping air.

Other practical methods of finding a leak

If you can’t find the leak with the quick practical methods then take a sponge waterlogged with soapy water or bubble-blowing solution on the air mattress. Bubbles should start forming on the place where the leak is.

If you find the leak with this method, you will need to clean thoroughly the bubble soap off, indicate the leak and dry the area. Before applying the adhesive, make sure that the place is thoroughly dry. Leave the mattress for an hour or two for the patch to dry off.

If you have no luck with bubble soap, submerge the mattress in your large sink or bathtub. Inflate the mattress with a little air, and start submerging it part by part by applying pressure to force the air must be out of any leak. If you see bubbles coming out of the fabric you have found your leak.
When you use this method the mattress needs a lot of time to dry. You may need to wait a day before you apply a patch to the leak.

Patching an air mattress

There are different kinds of patch kits available for patching an air mattress. They contain a regular fabric patch and an adhesive and it is good to always have one of these on hand.
If you don’t have a kit, you can use a fabric which is used to seal tents as well.

Stem leaks

If the leak is actually a seam you need to do a two-step regular repair:

  1. Deflate the air mattress
  2. Use adhesive to close the open steam
  3. Wait for the adhesive set up
  4. Apply a piece of piece of patch across the your repaired seam to support it.