How To Dispose Your Old Mattress?

How To Dispose Your Old Mattress?

Many of us have been using are memory foam mattresses way beyond the recommended time. But if you consider everything, your mattress has become the place for bacteria, sweat, skin cells etc. When you buy a new mattress the store will haul away your old one for free. But, they do not do anything good with it; they just dump it in a landfill along with other 20 million memory foam mattresses that get dumped there each year. That is why it is better if you decide to dispose of your old foam mattress on your own. In fact there are a lot of creative ways to dispose of your old foam mattress in order to keep it out of the landfill. This article mentions some of those ways. So, how to dispose your old mattress?

  1. Give it away. This is the easiest way for your old mattress not to end up in the landfill and just stay there untouched, but to actually find it a new use. There are a lot of people on the market for a free mattress. You can make a deal with the person you choose to give it away to that the only “cost” he or she will have is to pick it up from your place.

  3. Sell it. If you are low on cash this is an easy way to make a little money. But when you decide to sell your mattress make sure that you have it professionally cleaned. Clean mattresses are easier sold then the ones that have stains and smell like old, used ones. Once you do this, post an advertisement and wait for a potential buyer. You will find somebody to buy your mattress in no time since there are a lot of people that cannot afford a new mattress, so they are out looking for an old one to buy. You can also ask some second hand shops whether they are purchasing old and used mattresses.

  5. Recycle it. When you see this maybe you will ask yourself “Then why are not all mattresses recycled, but some of them are dumped at the landfills?”. Recycle centers only accept mattresses that are specifically designed. What’s worse only small number of these facilities accept mattresses from the general public, and only a handful of them will pick them up for you. If this is not enough almost all of them will charge you a fee to take the mattress of your hands. But as bad as this sounds, this is a better alternative as dumping your mattress to rot in the landfills.

  7. Donate it. There are a lot of places that are willing to accept your mattress as a donation. If Goodwill have a lot of criteria, you may try shelters or churches. If you have your mattress cleaned professionally there is a high probability that they will accept it. They can use the mattress for a mission or to help the people in need. Another place where you can donate it is to a pet rescue center. Not only people need mattresses to sleep on. Even animals want to sleep on a comfortable and soft place. These centers may not be concerned about stains as long as it is professionally cleaned. They can use your mattress as a bed for animals they have rescued that are waiting for adoption. Who knows, you may even end up adopting some of those cute little animals that you may find there.