Best Latex Mattress Brands

Latex Mattress Brands

If you are shopping for a mattress, it is best if you decide to search the internet for reviews about which are the best brands from which you can buy a mattress. So to not go on all the different brand sites and look for customers satisfactions we have made a list of some of the best Latex mattress brands.


Astrabeds offer a collection of a 100% natural, organic mattresses. The height of their mattresses is from 7 to 13 inches including 1 inch of an organic wool in the mattress cover. The firmness levels are can be changed depending on your needs. Their latex mattresses do not contain any adhesives, synthetic fillers or any toxic materials at all. They offer a 90 day refund and more then 10 year warranty. The price range is from $1299 to $3998.


Essentia utilizes both the natural latex and 100% Dunlop organic latex and can offer 6 models of organic latex mattress sets. They can offer to their customers medium to medium-firm support with the height varying from 6 to 8 inches. They include organic cotton covers and are free of all harmful chemicals. They offer 10 years full coverage warranty and a 60 day return policy. Their prices are a little bit higher starting from $1962 to $6754.


Flobeds offer two lines of an organic latex mattresses. The one is offers mattresses made of blended Talalay latex and the other offers mattresses made of 100% natural Talalay organic latex, and they all come with organic covers. The height can be 7-11 inches. They have more then 15 year prorated warranty and 99 days to return period.

Habitat Furnishings

This company offers 3 models of an organic latex mattresses with a mix of Talalay and Dunlop latex. They come in 7 or 9 inch models, with different levels of firmness. They have no synthetics or fillers and come with optional natural cotton covers. Habitat offers more then 15 year warranty and 1 year for refund with a $75 fee. There are many positive feedbacks from customers about the support and comfort of the mattresses.


IKEA offers 2 lines of natural latex mattresses with a fairly low price. The price is so low because they contain only blended or synthetic Dunlop latex. The height of the models can be 5.5-7.6 inches. They offer more then 15 year limited warranty and about 100 days exchange policy without the ability to return the mattress. The mattresses are considered to be firm which can be a problem for some people. The price range is from $399 to $1199.


This company offers hybrid, Dunlop and natural Talalay latex. The height of the line of three beds is varying from 6 to 12 inches. The Hybrid collection of these mattresses uses original poly foam cores with organic latex toppers with natural cotton knit cover. This collection uses natural Dunlop original cores and Talalay manufactured top layers with 100% cotton covers and natural fiber fire barriers. The organic collection uses Dunlop cores and Talalay top layers with 100% cotton covers and natural wool fire barriers. They all have 20 year warranty with 99 days return policy. The price range is from $1099 to $2599 depending on the collection.